What can I expect on my first visit?2021-03-23T17:05:41+00:00

When you first attend Kaizen Physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will:

  • Ask you some general questions with regards to your general health, occupation and hobbies and specific questions relating to your symptoms and how they may be affecting your everyday life.
  • Assess your condition during a physical examination and make a diagnosis.
  • Discuss your goals from physiotherapy.
  • Design and plan a programme to meet your goals.
  • Advise on activities for daily living or return to sport.
  • Liaise with other medical professionals e.g. your GP, with your permission, on your condition and progress as necessary.
Do I need to be referred by a Doctor for Physiotherapy?2021-03-23T17:03:42+00:00

No, you can self-refer to physiotherapy and we also accept referrals from GPs, Consultants, Public Health Nurses, complementary therapists and other healthcare providers.

What payment options are available?2021-03-23T17:01:28+00:00

We accept cash, cheque or electronic card payment.

What will I need to bring to my Physiotherapy appointment?2021-03-23T16:59:41+00:00

Please bring a list of any current medications and any scan results eg. MRI with you to your first appointment.

You will need to expose the affected area; therefore, you might be more comfortable in a pair of shorts for low back or leg issues. Ladies may also prefer to bring a vest top for an upper limb issue.

Where is Kaizen Physiotherapy located?2021-03-29T12:42:43+01:00

We are based in Kaizen Physiotherapy Health Centre, Sallybrook Industrial Estate, Glanmire, Co. Cork. There is plenty of car parking available.

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