Exercise Prescription Service

Kaizen Physiotherapy runs an Exercise Prescription service aimed at improving overall fitness levels and facilitating long term commitments to improved physical activity levels. This will involve an initial one to one consultation where an initial assessment can be carried out. This will give us a baseline to start safely introducing appropriate exercises at the right level. This will also help outline potential goals that might help sustain a long-term commitment to improved exercise levels.

Group-based Exercise Sessions

Exercise Prescription Consultation

Following the initial consultation, we will progress onto group-based exercise sessions. These sessions will be fun, engaging, and supervised to allow a safe and enjoyable way of improving exercise levels.

The long-term goal of these exercise sessions will be to plan a way of allowing each person to head towards their own personal fitness goals. For example, participation in this exercise prescription process might improve someone’s physical activity levels and build their confidence enough to join a hill-walking club.

Why is Exercise important?

Exercise, unlike most other health interventions, has the potential to benefit all the elements of well-being (Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual). It is now known that even low but regular levels of increased physical activity can help improve health, with benefits to Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Weight and Mental State. Such increased physical activity can lower the risks or at least control future health problems (Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke). In addition to the health benefits described above, regular exercise and physical and an increase in physical activity can also help with;

  1. Improvements in Cardiac Function
  2. Maintaince of Functional Capacity (physical independence)
  3. Reducing Depression
  4. Improving Social Interactions
  5. Possibly even the treatment and prevention of Cancer

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who would like to increase physical activity levels regardless of their age. Anyone who wants to attend this program will have to have an initial consultation with a Chartered Physiotherapist prior to starting the class. Following this initial assessment we will progress onto a relevant group based exercised program for 8 weeks.